Neucash Payment Gateway through strategic collaboration and partnership with various financial institutions and payment technology companies

With the Neucash Payment Gateway, you are able to transact payments in over 190 countries worldwide as well as accept and settle in multiple currencies. With exceptional real-time processing speed necessary for the e-Commerce environment, orders are processed automatically, within a reliable and safe environment.

Accepting transactions online is just one step in the processing of a payment card transaction.

Settlement of funds into your account is another important step where the Neucash Payment Gateway manages this effort from beginning to end.

You no longer have to worry about transmission errors to the bank, re-submission of transaction information and other issues commonly associated with funds settlement.

Ease in reconciling funds is a key function when it comes to keeping an e-Commerce business running smoothly.

Working closely with financial institutions and the merchant community, detailed transaction reports that help you to easily reconcile outstanding orders against those that have been processed and settled into an account are available.

We offer access to fast, reliable, secure payment processing without the cost of developing, maintaining and updating a complex infrastructure. It couples the functionality and performance of an in-house system with rapid deployment achieved through outsourcing.

Neucash Payment Gateway provides for:

· Exceptional real-time processing speed
· Acceptance of multiple payment types and currencies, worldwide
· Access to all major acquirers and processors, worldwide
· Unparalleled processing scalability and security
· Service reliability backed by 24/7 operations support
· Support for recurring billing (subscription)

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