Neucash Cyclist Cover is underwritten by and in collaboration with our Insurance Partners

General Details

Whether you’re a novice cyclist or seasoned spinner, biking is an activity that’s fun, easy and good for your health, wellness and fitness.

Ongoing bike maintenance is an essential part of safe cycling but that’s not all. You may have a properly maintained bile but accidents can still happen. With the Neucash Cyclist Cover, now you and your 2 wheeled companion can be safe anywhere anytime.

Personal Equipment
You’ll have coverage for all your equipment
24 Hour Personal Accident Cover
You are covered 24 hours for personal accidents (Up to RM 200,000)
We cover 2 bikes per policy
Emergency Medical Evacuation
We’ll ensure you reach medical help where ever you are
Personal Liability
We’ll cover you up to RM 200,000
Benefits Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3
Annual Premium  RM 330 RM 615 RM 920
Personal Equipment RM 6,000 RM 15,000 RM 20,000
24 Hour Personal Accident Cover RM 50,00 RM 150,000 RM 200,000
Medical Expenses RM 5,000 RM 15,000 RM 25,000
Bike 2 Bikes 2 Bikes 2 Bikes
Emergency Medical Evacuation RM 50,000 RM 50,000 RM 50,000
Personal Liability RM 50,000 RM 150,000 RM 200,000

* Additional RM10 Stamp Duty is payable for each policy